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Stress anxiety and depression are
caused when we are living to please others.

Storms don't last forever

A misbehaving child is a discouraged child.

We are all energy from the same source.

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Cherishing lives an initiative by Lijy Anil Edwin, who holds Msc. Psychology (Madras University), Art Therapist, Reiki Master (Mumbai), Advanced Diploma in Yoga (Mumbai University) certified in Family Engagement in Education by Harvard University, and Global Business Management from Laurentian University (Toronto, Canada).

She has spent over a decade in counselling, as a psychologist and reiki master she has been instrumental as a therapist to help deal with perspectives and help students, teachers, parents, couples, and indivual to achieve their potential, by conquering their challenges by understanding the deeply engrained habits and behaviour patterns. She is very passionate about her work driven by the desire of helping more people to better their lives. Apart from her private practise, she is extensively working with an NGO to help the oppressed, develop their coping skills, motivating parents and children to complete the schools, manage their time and lives, educating them with artfulness towards life, leading to long term happier states in this stressful situations surrounding them.


To enable clients with life skills to live more productive and content life.

• To make professional counselling accessible and convenient.
• Enhancing coping skills.
• Assist individuals to make better decision.
• Improving relationships.



The fear of online counselling was put to rest when I started talking with Lijy. I never felt that I was miles away across the world when solutions unfolded. I am thankful to LIjy Edwin, for helping me live a peaceful life

Surjinder K
Toronto, Canada

Day by day, Child Psychology is becoming a serious issue. As a parent, we cannot imagine this in a dream. When both parents are working, they cannot give enough time to their kids even though they have it in mind and we cannot imagine how much it affects the child's mind. 'Cherishing Lives' is helping the parents through such difficult times of their life. Their counselling sessions are helpful
, and informative.

Lyplon B
Navi Mumbai, India

Lijy Has always been a  creative and hardworking advisor, She is always there to heal you when you re need it. As a reiki master, her healing has helped me time and again. I am thankful to Lijy Edwin as she is the great listener and solution provider, Her selfless service has helped many families i know personally. 

Shrinivasan A
Mumbai India

Life can be overwhelming. In my daily stresses and struggles, Her Reiki Sessions have had a cumulative effect on me, whenever lijy has helped me walk through it with , everyday of my life. I have know her not just professionally but been a friend and more when It was in need. 

Helen T
Toronto, Canada

Thank you for truly and honestly caring for me, during a time when nobody else did. You were there to listen me whenever I needed you and advised me when I was stranded

You have definitely helped me to reconfirm my beliefs and develop clarity in our pursuit of happiness, and given me the tools to move forward.

You have been a friend, well wisher and more so a dear friend whos has helped spread the cheer in so many of us that I know.

Kavita S
Mumbai India

It’s not always easy to grin and bear it when it comes to ongoing stress, and my need for professional assistance to bounce back from a major negativity has always made it easy with help of  personalized online approach to counselling from Lijy Edwin. Thank You.

Bhavesh P
Florida, USA

Lijy is very warm and personable.Very easy to talk to.
Thank you so much for your help over the years.I am enjoying life to the fullest. A huge part of my mental health success goes to you…. Just feel the need to sincerely thank you for your guidance and caring demeanor during my time of need.You are often in my thoughts.

Aarti M
Mumbai, India

Social Responsibility

Lijy Anil Edwin is the National Vice president of this organization, which has worked extensively in motivating and educating the children from the slums and affected families. She has been active with her counseling and guidance sessions to the economica
Cherishing Lives strives in promoting,the cottage industry of the country. They have encouraging women from affected families to learn and earn a living in the jute industry. These products are sold under the brand of "Kate Rose''.

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Above slots are for online counseling and Reiki healing incase you wish for any other time slots please mail us, so that we can try and work around it.

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